Tucked away behind St. Paul’s Church on Herne Hill lies an oasis of happy learning for young children. 


Herne Hill School is the largest independent Pre-School and Pre-Prep in the UK focusing on 2–7 year olds (Kindergarten – Year 2). It is well known within its area of South London for its excellence in preparing young children for life by providing the finest individual education based on a bedrock of love and care – and as the largest feeder into the reputable Dulwich Schools.
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Monday 19 March

School will be open as usual today for those who are able to travel safely. Please email the office if you wish to keep your child at home. The Year 2 trip to Kew Gardens will go ahead, although we may decide to return earlier than planned. A text will be sent during the day if this is the case. Please ensure that children are dressed warmly, with named hats and gloves.