Our School Travel Plan


Promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmental responsibility is an important aspect of our ethos of “Love – Care – Excellence”. This includes, since 2005, working with officers and advisors from Southwark Council Sustainable Travel and Southwark Safer Routes to School to establish our annually evolving School Travel Plan.
STARS Top Gold School Award in 2019

We were thrilled to have been awarded Transport for London’s top STARS Gold level accreditation in 2018 for our efforts promoting safer and healthier travel habits, having previously achieved the Bronze level accreditation for several years. As TfL explain on their website, the level a school achieves depends on how successful it has been in reducing car use and increasing sustainable travel, and how many travel activities it completes. It also explains that Gold means to “be among the top 10% of London schools, setting high standards to inspire others to transform travel habits, fully engage the wider community to promote best practices, and see a measurable reduction in the number of journeys made by car every day”.

Moreover, we were nominated that year by Southwark to become TfL’s 2018 School of the Region for the South and were incredibly proud to go on to win that award, especially as we were told that “this is an incredible achievement to win, being up against not only all the schools in Southwark but all the schools in every other Borough in the South of London”.

Having achieved this amazing award in 2018, we have continued to work hard to ensure that we sustain the Gold level accreditation and are pleased to have once again, in October 2019, received the STARS Gold level accreditation for 2019. As managing road safety, traffic levels and parking is an ongoing challenge which constantly requires obtaining support and ‘buy-in’ from an evolving body of parents and staff, we will continue to do all we can to further encourage sustainable travel through an array of initiatives.

The photo below was taken in December 2018 on the day we received TfL’s  Award for 2018 School of the Region for the South at City Hall. It shows our Teacher Mrs Lomax, who deserves special praise for championing our various initiatives for sustainable travel, with her baby Ivy, our Headteacher Mrs Telford and two of our Year 2 pupils. They received the award on behalf of all the children and families at Herne Hill School, who are really the ones who secured this award for us. Our thanks go out to them all for their continued efforts in this hugely important issue to the benefit of everyone in our local Herne Hill community and beyond.

Mrs Lomax, teacher