Our golden rules

To help us live out our ethos of Love – Care – Excellence on a daily basis, we have developed a scheme of nine golden rules, which all children learn from Kindergarten up. They provide a behavioural compass for everyone at the school – during their time at Herne Hill School and beyond.

The scheme enables the children to learn nuanced aspects of each golden rule in assemblies, the classroom and other school life opportunities. It includes comprehension and award medallions, a sticker booklet and tokens for collection as well as a special metal coin for our Year 2 leavers as a lasting memento of the social and emotional skills they learned at Herne Hill School.

Our golden songs and golden friends

From left to right: compromising Snoopy, striving Roo, honest Cecile, sharing Lili, listening Pandora, gentle Nelson, forgiving Algernon, kind Shabbit and helping Jelly.

Our golden songs and golden friends provide important additional learning tools to help us embed the golden rules in daily school life. Click a golden rule below to  hear the children singing each golden song and see its lyrics and to discover our golden friends and their related stories.