Our school

Since our foundation in 1976, we have had one purpose: to develop young children to their best potential and launch them on a trajectory of happy, healthy and successful lives.

We believe that everything at Herne Hill School combines to make it the perfect setting for early schooling, including our ethos, grounds and facilities, curriculum and, most importantly, the expertise of our dedicated staff as well the many little details they embed in our provision on a daily basis.

We operate out of two sites, which are only a 3-minute walk away from each other and  ideally suited for their respective age ranges. Our new premises at 99 Herne Hill cater exclusively for our youngest children (Kindergarten, 2+) whilst our main site at 127 Herne Hill, tucked behind St Paul’s Church, enables optimal learning and development in a larger setting for two years each of our Reception Cycle and Key Stage 1.

We are a member of the Independent Schools Association, the Independent Schools Council and the National Day Nurseries Association and are proud of the stellar assessment by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, the results our children regularly obtain.

We invite you to explore all of these aspects on our website, contact us for further information and visit for one of our regular tours to see the school in action and experience our unique atmosphere.

We are looking forward to meeting you!