Our approach

We are acutely aware of huge importance of the Early Childhood Education and  Development period, which naturally ends at about seven years old, due how the human brain develops. Lasting values and skills are laid in all domains of development – not just the historically emphasised physical and cognitive but also the social, emotional and executive function/self-regulatory skills.

As a consequence, we firmly believe in developing the ‘whole child’, aiming for excellence across the board. Our staff expertly guide the children in a highly individualised manner on their development journey through play, exploration, creativity and learning through music, singing, dance, art, drama, movement, woodwork as well as the use of the outdoors.

Our golden rules are an important learning tool we utilise on a daily basis to equip the children with a behavioural compass for life.

Our curriculum is also designed to make the transition from play-based learning to more formal learning seamless and easy. This not only requires expertise but also dedicated staff, high adult:pupil ratios and continuity of setting. Of course, our highly qualified staff are also critical in implementing our entire curriculum. They have high expectations for every child, always selecting appropriate next steps according to their needs and pace of learning, thereby enabling achievement of their full potential.


In all year groups, the variety in timetables is enhanced by outings, visits from outside experts, small and large drama productions and the preparation of our Harvest, Christmas and Easter festivals. We also celebrate events with lively assemblies and encourage the children to participate.