Music & drama

Music and drama are enjoyable ways to reinforce many of the skills learned in the classroom, especially self‑expression, imagination, speaking, listening, self‑confidence and teamwork.

Music class at Herne Hill

The children participate in a carefully thought‑out progression of performances including the Pre‑Reception Nativity play, the Reception play, the Year 1 and 2 summer play and school wide events such as our Harvest, Christmas and Easter Services. We have yet to meet a child who does not love to dress up, sing and perform. After several years of performances at Herne Hill School, we have found that even the most reserved child is eager to be on stage.

Nursery rhymes and rhythmic activities feature in daily life in the Kindergarten. From Pre-Reception, the children benefit from music lessons twice a week with our specialist peripatetic Director of Music, enabling them to follow a continuous musical curriculum over four years of Reception Cycle and Key Stage 1. Lessons with a specialist recorder teacher are introduced from Year 1.

Individual music tuition

We  have a long and successful tradition of arranging individual piano, cello and violin tuition for Year 1 and Year 2 pupils with excellent peripatetic instructors. About half of our children in these year groups pursue this, split roughly half-half between piano and strings. Lessons last 30 minutes during school hours and are typically also attended by a parent.

As well as refining fine motor skills, learning an instrument is incredibly beneficial to a child’s cognitive, emotional and behavioural development.  We are pleased to have laid the foundations for many a budding musician over the years and, most importantly, to have instilled in the children the love of playing an instrument.

Current parents can apply for lessons for their children and find more information in the parent zone of our website.