Community Playthings furniture and resources

When we built our state-of-the-art Kindergarten on the ground floor of the Oak building in 2015, we wanted to source the best possible furniture and play and learning resources for it. We chose Community Playthings and have not looked back – and we say this voluntarily, without receiving any discount or favour from Community Playthings. The quality of the materials, their natural  touch and feel and their amazing modularity are simply world class. If you browse through their website (, you will get an appreciation for this.

The website also contains a series of articles in the learning library which are of interest not only to early years educators but also to parents (

In addition to fully kitting out the Kindergarten with Community Playthings, we have also sourced a substantial range of their Outlast outdoor products for learning and playing in our playground and Nature Area. Our next milestone will be to completely refurbish our three Pre-Reception classrooms in summer 2018 and kit them out with Community Playthings, ready for the academic year 2018-19.